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Listen. We are in IT! This year, 2020 is revealing so much, that many are not prepared to see, hear, or experience. But it is happening none the less, and you have way more control than you think. I had a long paragraph here about all I've done and how long I've been doing it, and trust me my Virgo moon loves to highlight my credentials, but we don't have time for that. We are on the bridge. Many of you are holding on for dear life, SOME have been in sheer avoidance and escapism, and others are allowing the media and the world issues to control them. WE.DONT.HAVE.TIME.FOR.THAT! Now is the time to grab the reins and understand you can streamline and take advantage of this time, take advantage of what life you are moving into, instead of allowing the circumstances of the world to dictate what your tomorrow looks like. Husbands and wives, business partners, partners of any kind, single people, whoever, and everyone. Lets ground, lets see where we are and start planning and creating what we want to do, and be, and feel, and create, and experience for ourselves. Be the helmsman. Drive and navigate your own ship! Below are my offerings to assist you. Energetic Coaching is perfect for those who are feeling the weight of the world right now and need a reset emotionally and spiritually. Astro Coaching  is perfect for those who just feel like they dont't know where they are, or what they want, or they're feeling like what they wanted is no longer available for them to have. This  is your souls map to get you to your destination  with awareness, and preparation. My Astro Coaching is the perfect option for people in partnerships of any kind. It will give you the forecast of the weather ahead and alert you to the best times to take advantage of opportunities, and provide awareness of times that may feel trying. If you ever need further detail on anything please contact me through the contact button at the top of the page!  Let's start creating our lives !



I offer distance sessions from anywhere in the world! When you schedule make sure you click distance, and account for time change.  If theres a time not available please feel free to email me for possible accommodations.

Energy & Ritual

$100 60 MIN


This is for clients who've previously had an Astro Coaching Session or Astro Energy session within the last 4 months. And they want/need extra guidance or coaching over a highlighted issue or time frame.

$235 90MIN


Astro Coaching and Energetic Coaching wrapped in one session!

$150  75MIN


Everyone should have this. EVERYONE! Do you even know who you are? Do you know what your energy feels like, what people experience when you walk into a room? Do you? Because I will tell you most people do not. Most people have never felt their energy alone, not mixed and mingled with everyone else’s at your job, or from the bar you went to last night or even last year! We are energy. Everyone we meet, everywhere we go. Every thought we have is energy. Step into the world as yourself. Build a relationship with yourself. Give off intentionally what you wish to feed to others. Be full of you. This is how we send beacons out to the universe calling to us the people who bring us joy. People who compliment our greatness. This is what energy healing is. As the conduit I tap into your space read your frequencies address and remove (with your energetic permission) things that are blocking you. Things are dimming you. Clear your channels, and ground you energetically so you can manifest. I facilitate and hold space for you to call back your power and steep in it. To be able to ask for what you truly need from the universe. Because you now know more of who you are. This is the beginning of spirituality. Because you can’t be spiritual without Ritual. I suggest one at minimum quarterly; As we change with the seasons. 

$150 60MIN


I use Astrology to provide guidance, to assist you in better understanding the season you're in, the energy you're working with, the opportunities that may present itself, and obstacles that you may face. This is Astrology based coaching. My main focus for you is the space you're in right NOW.

What’s the major energy you’re working with? Where are you trying to go right now? What are you trying to manifest right now? How can we work with your chart to make this transition smooth and in alignment for you RIGHT now?  

Each year of your life you are living in the energy within your chart. A specific planet is ruling you. Encouraging growth, transformation, providing you with the environment to create magic. Its affecting your thought process. It's Affecting how you FEEL and express yourself. Every move it makes is affecting every move you make.  With astrological guidance I dissect your chart address transits happening that will have various levels of impact in your life NOW. My goal is to help you live in the moment. Help you navigate the moment. Help you enjoy the moment. And help you take advantage of right now. So you are prepared for the next moment.



 Month one Astro Coaching; Getting a lay of the land through your souls map. Discussing goals and mapping out time line and addressing potential blocks ( homework). Month 2 Energetic Coaching. This is the Energy session where we deal with the emotional and Trauma issues that need healing. And we continue with assigned home work. Month 3 we get a hard wired map and system adjustment in place to reach desired goals.The goal is to be Intensive. To be fully immersed in the actions to accomplish the goal.To have systems in place that empower you. I expect you to show up for yourself. All dates are scheduled during first session. Assignments will be emailed after first session/meeting (Astro Coaching). When you schedule your first appointment be mindful of your schedule. this is a 3 month intensive! If you have any questions please email me. AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING JULY 2020

$25 (PICK UP ONLY)  $32 OILS


Ritual baths prepare your body/space by clearing debris, blockages, other people's energies, etc. Ritual Baths are like setting the table. You are letting the universe know that you're ready to be fed. Consider this your "mini healing session" each month. Enchanted oils Oiling the body in and of its self is self care, it calms your nervous system, its connecting both hemispheres of the brain, it tones the body, improves circulation, but its also magic. Massaging oil into the skin allows the magic of your intentions to absorb into your physical body. Permeating your being, allowing the spirit to become one with you. Doing so nightly (preferably before bed) allows you to consistently "feed" the intention,  and allow it to be drawn to you at a cellular level.


Hard wax only. 

$60 30MIN


Removal of all from Private area using 100% polymer free hard wax.



Brows are shaped and defined using hard wax 



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