I got this Instagram message from my niece. She had just gotten laid off, and she made an Instagram post that read "I cant wait until life back to normal" (This is a quote, excuse any grammatical errors) But it really just caused me to respond with words even I needed to hear. BE HERE.

Be here, because you will never be there again, and we may not be going back to the "old norm". She says "yeah we might not😞". In response to her emoji I respond with, "Might not. Might not be a bad thing. Just a new thing. That we may get to learn and adjust to. "

In this short exchange I arrived at one dichotomous word.


Understand how much balance the act of releasing requires. The balance of power and grace. The balance of allowance and intention. Release your attachment to how things were. Allow it to be there. A memory. An experience. Something you won’t forget. But you dishonor it by comparing it to every other possible experience. Release your attachment. Allow this moment to be its own experience. Allow this space to provide you the opportunity to pay attention to the thing(s) you’ve always complained about not having enough time for. Allow this time to look in the mirror. Fill this empty space with yourself. Write down the words that paint what you’re experiencing. Understand and connect with what you’re feeling. Be still. Breathe. Reach out to your mother who every time it crosses your mind to call, it ends up being too late. The brother who is always too busy. This time is about connection. This space is about connection. True connection. Not forced but, Intentional connection. It shows you who is real around you. Shows you who is important to you. It shows you who you are important to. There’s a whole lot of space here to cultivate love. To cultivate community. To tend to the garden’s of your life. The ones you’ve potentially neglected. The ones that, in times like these, will bare the fruits that nourish you. This time hasn't been gifted for us to wallow in the perceived misery of. Its gifted for us to live, to love, to figure our shit out, to manage our spaces, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is essential. That mental, that physical and that spiritual is YOUR garden. And though the world feels to shit at the moment, I read somewhere that it makes a great fertilizer. 😬

Read a book on self love.

Learn to cook online.

Take a Ritual bath.

Have an Energy session.


Steeping in myself, Love and Gratitude. Until Next time...

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