Where you come to find center, to recalibrate, to reorient. WELCOME 🙏 




 Session begins with Energy Session, to ground and clear your space, then we segue into the Astrology Consultation.




Everyone should have this. EVERYONE! Do you even know who you are? Do you know what your energy feels like, what people experience when you walk into a room? Do you? Because I will tell you most people do not. Most people have never felt their energy alone, not mixed and mingled with everyone else’s at your job, or from the bar you went to last night or even last year! We are energy. Everyone we meet, everywhere we go. Every thought we have is energy. Step into the world as yourself. Build a relationship with yourself. Give off intentionally what you wish to feed to others. Be full of you. This is how we send beacons out to the universe calling to us the people who bring us joy. People who compliment our greatness. This is what energy healing is. As the conduit I tap into your space read your frequencies address and remove (with your energetic permission) things that are blocking you. Things are dimming you. Clear your channels, and ground you energetically so you can manifest. I facilitate and hold space for you to call back your power and steep in it. To be able to ask for what you truly need from the universe. Because you now know more of who you are. This is the beginning of spirituality. I suggest one at minimum quarterly; As we change with the seasons. 




This is perfect for people who don't have anything really "going on", but they what to keep it that way. And for people who don't want to talk they just want to feel better.🙃 This Energy Healing only.




This is for clients who've previously had an Astrology Session or Astro Energy session within the last 3 months. And they want/need extra guidance or coaching over a highlighted issue or time frame.




I use Astrology to introduce you to yourself, to provide guidance, to assist you in better understanding the season you're in, the energy you're working with, the opportunities that may present itself, and obstacles that you may face. My main focus for you is the space you're in right now.

What’s the major energy you’re working with? Where are you trying to accomplish? What are you trying to manifest right? How can we work with your chart to make this transition smooth and in alignment for you?  

Each year of your life you are living in the energy within your chart. A specific planet is ruling you. Encouraging growth, transformation, providing you the environment to create. Its affecting your thought process. It's Affecting how you FEEL and express yourself. Every move it makes is affecting every move you make. My goal is to help you navigate whatever space you find yourself in, and also to help you be better prepared for the next moments. An intake form is provided upon scheduling.