Hi, I’m DeAndrea. I’m a Professional Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant that specializes in relationships/friendships of all varieties. I believe our relationships, romantic and otherwise, are such a vital thread in the fabric of our lives. I believe all relationships even friendships, ESPECIALLY friendships, because that should be the foundation of all our relationships, need moments of recalibration; Moments where you intentionally take the time to check in with the other; Be in a safe space to understand where the other is in this phase of their life. To be vulnerable, and to share in a guided way. This type of nurturing keeps the soil fertile for the relationship to bear many fruits throughout its life time. This is where community is built. This is where our sense of self is strengthened. Because being at your best expands all those with  whom you associate. It’s always knowing you’re held. It allows space for creativity, connection, and care. 

 Because I care greatly, I take great care. Respecting this work. Honoring you. Guiding you in better honoring yourself, better honoring your relationships, and equipping you with tools, practices, and the sheer mindset, to understand what you need. To better understand who you are. And in its most base level to simply, Become. If this is your first step, welcome. May you chart a beautiful expansive journey. Learn more about my relationship Mediating and Consulting HERE.


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