This is the bridge. Are you ready to cross?

Listen. We are in IT! This year, 2020, is revealing so much, that many are not prepared to see, hear, or experience. But it is happening none the less, and you have way more control than you think. I had a long paragraph here about all I've done and how long I've been doing it, and trust me my Virgo moon loves to highlight my credentials, but we don't have time for that. We are on the bridge. Many of you are holding on for dear life, SOME have been in sheer avoidance and escapism, and others are allowing the media and the world issues to control them. WE.DONT.HAVE.TIME.FOR.THAT! Now is the time to grab the reins and understand you can streamline and take advantage of this time, take advantage of what life you are moving into, instead of allowing the circumstances of the world to dictate what your tomorrow looks like. Husbands and wives, business partners, partners of any kind, single people, whoever, and everyone. Lets ground, lets see where we are and start planning and creating what we want to do, and be, and feel, and create, and experience for ourselves. Be the helmsman. Drive and navigate your own ship! Below are my offerings to assist you. Energetic Coaching is perfect for those who are feeling the weight of the world right now and need a reset emotionally and spiritually. Astro Coaching  is perfect for those who just feel like they dont't know where they are, or what they want, or they're feeling like what they wanted is no longer available for them to have. This  is your souls map to get you to your destination  with awareness, and preparation. My Astro Coaching is the perfect option for people in partnerships of any kind. It will give you the forecast of the weather ahead and alert you to the best times to take advantage of opportunities, and provide awareness of times that may feel trying. If you ever need further detail on anything please contact me through the contact button at the top of the page!  Let's start creating our lives !

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''This is deep work. It takes practice.You must desire whats on the other side." 

At The Ritual Haus, I address the WHOLE person; Spiritually, physically, and mentally; By addressing mindset, and helping set realistic goals and practices to maneuver through life. I specialize in guiding you through transitional moments within your seasons. Whether you're transitioning out of a long term relationship, moving into a new career, or even just feeling directionless in life. I help you identify what you're holding onto that you need to let go of, I assist you in healing and releasing what is blocking you. If you are in need of child work, I assist you in reconnecting, healing, and releasing, or in many cases re adopting those pieces of your child self that trauma caused you to disassociate from.  This is trauma, with a little "t". It's that feeling of stuck"ness" that seeps into your visions. That same story that you keep repeating, that lack of confidence that you keep experiencing. We explore the root of that, so we can identify it, address it, heal it and transform it! Let's polish these mirrors so you can see your true self. We truly are energetic beings having a human experience. And the fact is, you cant plant trees in the sky! You must bring your visions, your dreams, your goals down, and plant them in order to manifest.  We have so much autonomy, so much power, so much agency. I help you take that power back! Through astrology, guided ritual, energetic grounding, & energy healing. There is no separation. You are ready to see who you are, to see what you're capable of, and to experience what it feels like to win, to succeed, to feel powerful, to feel beautiful, and to  have everyone you encounter feel it emanating from you! This is why we are here. What better way to experience life, than to actually embody life itself!  Which ever stage you find yourself in at this moment, is the perfect stage.   Click a button below to find out more about my offerings, whether it be Oracle Energy Healing, Astrology, Curated and personalized Rituals, or  Brazilian waxing. Either way, we were brought together for a reason, and I'm grateful for it!

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