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So, what is a Transformation Doula? Well, we all know what transformation is, so let's start with the doula part. Most people identify "doula" as someone who assists pregnant women in their pregnancy and delivery, as a guide and an advocate when needed. There are also Death Doulas who help deal with the departure of life. Well, That is what I do. I am who you call when you're ready to give birth either to a new idea or a new version of yourself. Im where you go when you're trying to conceive; When you're not sure whats next, and you're feeling like you're wondering in the dark. I am also where you go when its time for things to die, habits, childhood wounds and trauma etc. Labor is a long, sometimes traumatic, yet rewarding, and most transformative experience. Hopefully after you will never be the same.That's where the transformations comes in. whether you are at an impasse, or you feel in your being that something is ready to be birthed, I use Astrology, Energy healing, and rituals to guide you through your birthing process. <3 Read more about my story below...

Transformation Doula, Astrologer, Ritual Curator, Energy Healer (Reiki Master), Medium, & Esthetician

"We must get THROUGH where we are, to get TO where we are trying to go."

After 7 years of energy work, guiding people through situations in their lives. And channeling messages from guides and angels and loves ones, being an esthetician and just listening to hundreds of people, I knew it was time to step into MYSELF. A medium by nature, seeing spirits since a young child, and communicating with spirits before I understood I was. Experiences with clients and strangers alike has shown me the path I was meant to take. Having Saturn trine Mercury, it is imperative that I deeply understand what I choose to offer, so for the last 3 years I've been studying and immersing myself in astrology (though I was introduced at the young age of 6, and have been self studying it for 21 years) I decided to go get formal education in astrology and herbalism, and hone my connection not just with spirit, but with my higherself. Going through the deep shadow work, experiencing my dark night (aka year(s)) of the soul, has really been the most transformative lesson of my life. And when they say from the ashes the Phoenix rose, there is no truer truth. So this space formerly known as SweetFace Aesthetics is now The Ritual Haus, and in this space I honor who I am, I honor the gifts I have to offer you. I assist you through Ritual, through Magic, through self connection , through universal connection, I assist you through whatever journey you may be on, as a guide, equipping you with tools to navigate your life with awareness, with ease, with love, with magic, and most importantly through Ritual. We can do none of this alone. I thank my guides everyday. The phone calls I make when I need someone to remind me how great I am. And to remind me of the magic I posses. Because even I am human. And though I’m well versed in this work. No one is a guru. No one is all knowing. We all need support. And this is my offering to you. ❤️

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