"Through the use of Astrology, Energy Work, and Ritual, I help guide you to your true self"

Meet DeAndrea

Astrologer, Ritual Curator, Energy Healer (Reiki Master), Medium, & Esthetician

"We must get THROUGH where we are, to get TO where we are trying to go."

After 7 years of energy work, guiding people through situations in their lives. And channeling messages from guides and angels and loves ones, being an esthetician and just listening to hundreds of people, I knew it was time to step into MYSELF. A medium by nature, seeing spirits since a young child, and communicating with spirits before I understood I was. Experiences with clients and strangers alike has shown me the path I was meant to take. Having Saturn trine Mercury, it is imperative that I deeply understand what I choose to offer, so for the last 3 years I've been studying and immersing myself in astrology (though I was introduced at the young age of 6, and have been self studying it for 21 years) I decided to go get formal education in astrology and herbalism, and hone my connection not just with spirit, but with my higherself. Going through the deep shadow work, experiencing my dark night (aka year(s)) of the soul, has really been the most transformative lesson of my life. And when they say from the ashes the Phoenix rose, there is no truer truth. So this space formerly known as SweetFace Aesthetics is now The Ritual Haus, and in this space I honor who I am, I honor the gifts I have to offer you. I assist you through Ritual, through Magic, through self connection , through universal connection, I assist you through whatever journey you may be on, as a guide, equipping you with tools to navigate your life with awareness, with ease, with love, with magic, and most importantly through Ritual. We can do none of this alone. I thank my guides everyday. The phone calls I make when I need someone to remind me how great I am. And to remind me of the magic I posses. Because even I am human. And though I’m well versed in this work. No one is a guru. No one is all knowing. We all need support. And this is my offering to you. ❤️


What is the Ritual Trio?

Spi{Ritual} baths prepare your body/space by clearing debris, blockages, other people's energies, etc. Spi{Ritual} Baths are like setting the table. You are letting the universe know that you're ready to be fed. Consider this your "mini healing session" each month. Enchanted oils are the second part of this Ritual Trio. Oiling the body in and of its self is self care, it calms your nervous system, its connecting both hemispheres of the brain, it tones the body, improves circulation, but its also magic. Massaging oil into the skin allows the magic of your intentions to absorb into your physical body. Permeating your being, allowing the spirit to become one with you. Doing so nightly (preferably before bed) allows you to consistently "feed" the intention,  and allow it to be drawn to you at a cellular level. And lastly in this Ritual Trio, is the Glamour Mist. This step I like refer to as the Glamour, the mist, is based in Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is an herb and its properties are known to "draw energies" to you. Which is the whole point right? It also soothes the skin, fights inflammation, and protects against skin damage, amongst other things. So this Trio is curated to clear, cleanse and prepare your body mind and spirit. Connect your intentions to your body, and to DRAW the energy you wish to manifest, to you!  So when you have your seasonal (quarterly) Oracle healing, and you have your monthly SpiRitual Bath for up keep, you oil nightly for ritual, and Mist daily calling out to spirit and to the energies of the mist to you.   Ritual baths $22      Enchanted Oils $32      Glamour Mist $32    Ritual Trio  $77

Customized Ritual and spell -This is an hour one on one video/phone chat where we discuss your desires at length, and I create  a customized Spiritual Bath, Enchanted oil, and glamour mist. along with this ritual will be a spell for you to recite. This is intense and deep customized magic.  ** allow a week to ship for distance clients, and a week to pick up for locals. $ 222


PS. These products are asleep when you receive them. An incantation is included to awaken the oil and mist. And a full ritual is included with your Ritual bath. Please note do not share your rituals or your incantation.

It can help with

Spi{Ritual} Cleansing

The blends of herbs will change, cycle or evolve depending on the astrological season . Herbs contains spirits and are the medicine of this planet. Being a medium allows me to commune with  and imbue these spirits to work for your greater good; and infuse into your bath through ritual which I channel and provide for you. This is a Ritual.

Enchanted Oils {Magic}

What are you trying to create, what environment do you wish to manipulate to work with you and for you? Here I bring in the elements, the planets, spirits and magic , to help you receive and to open up your space to manifestation. My enchanted {spelled} oils are you dressing your self in magic, in glamour, its you wearing your spirits all day to speak for you to send out a beacon of attraction...

Glamour Mist {Magic}

Blend of spelled herbs, essential oils in a base of witch Hazel. Ritual Mists are used to spray on your self daily. The intention to have your magic permeate your auric field. Used in conjunction with the oil daily; After having your ritual bath; And watch your intentions be made manifest! Can be used alone as well!

Physical Detoxification

As many know the use of salts both physically and spiritually, are to remove, to detoxify and to cleanse.  The Magnesium penetrates the skin, relaxes the muscles of the body and leeches anything energetically that we've picked up through not only through others, but also through our own thoughts. Everything is energy.

Add to Spi{Ritual} Bath to bath in it. dress your lips so that your words entice. place on your heart so that people can feel you. Protection, Abundance, Removing obstacles, Attraction, whatever you situation, I can customize the perfect magic just for you!

Be your Workspace

My intention with these magical products is to encourage you to discover the magic within yourself. To practice {Ritual}. to be your alter to steep in magic, manifestation, creativity, love, and self honor. I honor you and im grateful you trust me to guide you on this journey <3


Astrology Cosultation& Guidance

 How I provide guidance with Astrology. My main focus for you is the space you're in right NOW.

What’s the major energy you’re working with? Where are you trying to go right now? What are you trying to manifest right now? How can we work with your chart to make this transition smooth and in alignment for you RIGHT now?  

Each year of your life you are living in the energy within your chart. A specific planet is ruling you. Encouraging growth, transformation, providing you with the environment to create magic. Its affecting your thought process. It's Affecting how you FEEL and express yourself. Every move it makes is affecting every move you make.  With astrological guidance I dissect your chart address transits happening that will have various levels of impact in your life NOW. I provide you with a worksheet and time line to keep you on track and accountable. My goal is to help you live in the moment. Help you navigate the moment. Help you enjoy the moment. And help you take advantage of right now. So you are prepared for the next moment.



Astrology Consultation
   & Guidance
Oracle Energy Healing 
      Spi{Ritual}Baths,     Enchanted Oils &
        Glamour Mists
Brazilian Wax, Face & Underarm Wax
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